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Zignaly Secures $50M to Accelerate Global Adoption of Its Social Crypto Investment Ecosystem

Zignaly, a social crypto investment platform, announced on February 22 that it had secured $50 million from GEM Global Yield LLC SCS (GGY), a Luxembourg-based alternative investment group focused on emerging markets worldwide. Zignaly will use the capital to accelerate its global expansion.

The crypto investment platform offers a variety of products and services that aim to make crypto investment accessible to retail investors. Its flagship product is Profit Sharing, which lets users choose from experienced traders and start trading on autopilot by copying their strategies. The concept shares similarities with the copy trading approach popularized by eToro and Robinhood with respect to stock and foreign exchange trading, but it goes one step further by imitating the pro traders’ strategies in real-time on crypto futures exchanges.

The fees are paid exclusively from the profits – a business model that attracts many beginners. So far, more than 400,000 users worldwide have entrusted over $120 million on aggregate to 300+ expert crypto traders vetted by Zignaly. Nevertheless, these figures may not stay relevant for too long, as the platform adds new users at a pace of 100,000 per month.

Zignaly CEO Bartolome Bordallo commented on the financing:

From the early days of Zignaly, it has been our goal to open up new pathways for regular investors to take better advantage of the crypto economy, by enabling the kinds of managed and high-leverage vehicles that were formerly only reserved for the ultra wealthy. This financing from GEM will allow the company to propel significant new product development and global adoption of the Zignaly platform, so we can empower the masses with a vastly better way to invest.”

The Zignaly platform has all prerequisites to extend its global presence. To begin with, it is built upon the Binance broker program, meaning that it relies on Binance’s technology, liquidity, and market depth. Binance is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume both in the spot and futures markets. On February 22, Binance’s futures platform saw its trading volume exceeding $55 billion, which equals the volume figures of the next five competitors put together. For Zignaly, this is a ticket to success, considering that it’s the only Profit Sharing platform leveraging the Binance broker program.

Zignaly users can also connect their accounts to KuCoin and BitMex, two other popular crypto exchanges that operate derivative platforms.

Many traders prefer crypto futures – investment instruments that let users speculate on the price fluctuations without owning the underlying assets – because they can maximize potential gains thanks to a feature called leverage. On top of that, futures trading platforms make it easy to go short, i.e., bet on the price decline, enabling traders to seek profits even during bearish markets like the one we have today – Bitcoin has consistently declined since November’s all-time high at over $68,000.

Besides the global adoption plans, Zignaly is also working on new products to make the crypto investment experience more accessible to everyone. For example, it recently launched ZIGPAD, a launchpad-style incubator that enables Zigcoin holders to contribute to the fundraising effort of blockchain projects and cross-chain initial DEX offerings (IDOs) with minimal knowledge of smart contracts.

Zignaly has a multi-chain and multi-exchange infrastructure that supports sales and IDOs on blockchains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, Harmony, and Avalanche, among others.

The $50 million investment from GEM Global Yield LLC SCS comes on top of an initial $3 million private sale round led by Parataxis Capital, an industry-leading multi-strategy investment firm. The round, conducted in March of last year, sought financing for Zignaly’s NFT-based insurance protocol powered through its native token Zigcoin.

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