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The Margin: Do you have ‘exceptional sleeping ability’? Casper would like you to test its mattresses.

In the special-skills section of their résumés many people include abilities like public speaking, problem solving, teamwork and expertise at Microsoft


Some job seekers may want to add another skill: snoozing.

Mattress company Casper Sleep Inc. has put up a new one-of-kind job listing seeking to hire people — job title: Sleepers — to test its products.

Casper makes mattresses, pillows, bed frames and bedding, and people who have “exceptional sleeping ability” and “a desire to sleep as much as possible” could soon be on the company’s payroll, according to a job listing from the company website.

The job requirements include that enjoyment of sleep and, apparently, a propensity for pillow talk — in this case, willingness to share feelings about Casper products on camera for social-media platforms that may include Twitter

and TikTok.

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Sleepers will “sleep in our stores, and in unexpected settings out in the world,” according to the listing. A Casper representative told MarketWatch further specifics of those prospective sleeping conditions were unavailable as of Monday.

The job is part-time, and no pay rate is listed, but the gig does come with some free Casper products. Further, the dress code for Sleepers is very relaxed: pajamas, specifically.

New York City–based Casper was launched in 2014. From 2020 to 2022, the company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “CSPR.” Durational Capital Management acquired Casper early this year and took the company private.

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