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From MarketWatch:

I’m 66, single with no family, and am afraid of becoming incapacitated with no one to handle my affairs – who should I turn to?: Estate planning is important for everyone, whether they’re married or single, have kids or not. Here are a few documents this individual should consider. 

We beat up 6 of your excuses for not writing a will (or updating an old one): A will is one of the top most important estate documents, along with a power of attorney and a healthcare advanced directive. Here’s why you may not think you need to get one, and why those reasons are wrong.

Social Security’s weird remarriage rule can cost you a lot of money: The rules around claiming Social Security, or maximizing benefits, can be complicated, but can also be costly if done incorrectly.  

Also on MarketWatch:

Look out – this inflation forecast is now flashing red

You saved a lot of money for retirement. Now what’s the smartest way to spend it? 

Scared of investing during the Ukraine invasion? Try this IRA maneuver 

Inflation, war, market whiplash: How retirees can manage in volatile times 

Trying to fill open jobs at your company? One of the 15 million retirees between age 55 and 70 might be able to help 

The most advised generations – boomers and Generation X – are retiring. They demand more and different advice for this life stage. 

Is COVID over? Don’t burn your masks yet 

More in retirement news:

France’s Macros proposes raising retirement age to 65 as part of presidential campaign (Euronews

Why seniors may face $10.5 billion more in Social Security taxes in 2022 (USA Today

The Labor Department wants to investigate crypto in retirement plans (The New York Times

Dolly Parton shares feelings on retirement, says she wants to sing with Ed Sheeran (CMT)

Is it ‘retirement’ or ‘rewirement’? (Forbes)

Research and Insight:

Advisers can help women add to growing retirement confidence (Planadviser)

Strategies for meeting the retirement needs of a diverse workforce: Alight (BenefitsPro)

Study shows the value of DC plans for employees (Plansponsor)

Study finds tomorrow’s retirees feel less financially secure than today’s (401K Specialist)

Viewing retirement saving as a fresh start (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

To share with your family, friends and clients:

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We’re an outdoorsy family looking for an ‘eclectic’ town where we can eventually retire. Where should we go? 

My wife and I will have $250,000 in a retirement emergency fund – what’s the best way to store that cash? 

It’s time to open your mind to the brave new world of psychedelics 

‘What do we do with all that talent?’ Older workers and the new economy

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