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From MarketWatch:

Medicare beneficiaries – here’s the help you’ll get from the Inflation Reduction Act in the new year, and in the future: The Inflation Reduction Act has a few key provisions that will benefit older Americans’ healthcare spending. 

Families drain their savings: The need for long-term care coverage is becoming a big-time problem: Long-term care is expensive, but not always considered in the retirement budget. 

Most retirement savers are ‘staying the course’ – even if they’re totally stressed: Investment firms say their retirement savers are doing well, although many are looking for more advice

Also on MarketWatch:

Are you planning for retirement all wrong?

The future of transportation is on a collision course with retirement, workforce recruitment and reskilling

BlackRock, blue chips slammed with 401(k) suit 

When to buy travel insurance, and when to skip it 

Over-the-counter hearing aids may be available in the U.S. as soon as October 

Social Security is on the line this election season – and senior citizens have enormous power 

You have to empty a family house full of stuff. Here are the best ways to do it.

Should Social Security be eliminated as a federal entitlement program? Or would that ‘end the program as you know it’? 

I divorced and remarried the same person. How does that impact our Social Security benefits?

More in retirement news:

Soaring inflation driving retired employees back to the workforce (Fox Business

America’s $7 Trillion retirement crisis is only getting worse (Bloomberg)

Governor signs law creating new retirement program for small business employees (WDEL)

How sequence of returns risk is upending retirement plans (Forbes)

‘Retirement is a scam’: How these self-made millennial millionaires found purpose in parenthood (TIME)

Research and Insight:

Market cynicism has increased retirement anxiety (Plansponsor)

It may be time to rethink the 4% retirement rule (Nasdaq)

More in U.S. retiring, or planning to retire, later (Gallup)

From saving to spending: A second front emerges in the US retirement challenge (McKinsey & Company

The racial roots of retirement inequality (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

To share with your family, friends and clients:

Why target-date funds may be sabotaging your retirement

Putting your money where your values are: A guide to socially responsible investing 

This is why bitcoin won’t ‘diversify’ your 401(k) 

Planning to keep working as you age? How to hang on to the job you love.

Can I still work while collecting Social Security

Great health insurance news for people over 50 

Fix the unfair GPO calculation within Social Security 

3 ways to protect your finances and future retirement from inflationHow to find the courage to quit what’s ailing you

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