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PowerTrade Management Team Explains the Benefits of Automated Market Makers

PowerTrade is an easy-to-use crypto options trading platform, enabling traders to maximize ROI through an intuitive interface that provides better prices and lower margin requirements. At PowerTrade, it’s easy for anyone to get started trading with as little as $1 USD and continue trading with simple, fast, mobile-first trading for crypto options.

Mario Gomez Lozada is the CEO of PowerTrade, and Richard Hodges is in charge of Trading & Risk at the company. They recently joined the News Podcast to talk about the platform, Automated Market Makers (AMMs) and much more:

Mario Gomez Lozada, CEO of PowerTrade, is a finance professional and serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the fixed income and currencies & commodities markets. In 2014, Mario founded, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency-fiat exchange platforms serving millions of customers worldwide.

Mario started his career in the mid 1990’s in the Internet industry where he developed early search engine technology based on his Computer Science Masters thesis before moving to Tokyo and developing frameworks used as financial systems for a number of major banks. After spending 13 years of his career at Merrill Lynch developing cutting-edge software for Sales and Trading systems, Mario joined Credit Suisse as Japan CIO and Head of Fixed Income IT Asia.

Richard Hodges, Trading & Risk at PowerTrade, is a Derivatives, FX, and cryptocurrency expert with over 20 years of pro options trading experience. Richard has built quantitative trading and financial systems at Morgan Stanley, Citi, and more. Renowned for his technical solutions architecture, Richard has worked for global investment banks and financial exchanges to architect and develop mission-critical trading software.

To learn more about the platform visit, and follow the team on Discord, Telegram, Twitter and Facebook.

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