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Personal Finance Daily: Drug savings in new law aren’t just for seniors and mortgage application activity falls to lowest level since 2000 amid higher rates and recession fears

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My son and his girlfriend want to buy our home and build an ‘in-law suite.’ Should I add him to the deed of our house?

‘Should we put them on the deed and then have them get a home equity loan to build or should we do a line of credit and draw from that?’ Read More

Drug savings in new law aren’t just for seniors

Inflation Reduction Act reforms will ripple throughout prescription-drug market, experts say Read More

Mortgage application activity falls to the lowest level since 2000 amid higher rates and recession fears

The Market Composite Index, which measures mortgage loan application volume, dropped by 2.3%, the Mortgage Bankers Association said on Wednesday. Read More

My second husband of 5 years would like to inherit part of my home as he pays half the mortgage. I want 100% to go to my children. Who’s right?

‘The mortgage would be paid off out of my estate. But who should cover taxes and homeowner insurance each year?’ Read More

Nine U.S. towns worth visiting for their cool art scenes

Seeing great art doesn’t have to mean big cities and an even bigger budget. These thriving art communities are making and sharing great art in its many forms. Read More

Not your grandma’s stove…how can you buy stuff that doesn’t break right away?

Your mom had a dryer that lasted 30 years. Yours busted after five. Over time, buying stuff that lasts will save you money. Here’s how to do it. Read More

Take advantage of these handy features in your bank app

Banking apps are becoming more advanced, and you may be missing out on special features that are available. Here are four app features to consider. Read More

It’s National Thrift Shop Day. Here are 7 tips for scoring high-end clothes and more

For National Thrift Shop Day and any day, expeditions to secondhand stores are an economical, environmental and creative solution for fashion and home goods. Read More

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