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Kirobo CEO Asaf Naim Explains How Building a Safety Net for DeFi Users Will Make It Bigger Than Ever

Kirobo is a decentralized application developer building out a suite of services focused on DeFi security and usability. With a $5 million investment from Digimax in 2021, Kirobo works to make decentralized finance as accessible and user-friendly as regular online banking. Kirobo is the proud recipient of two grants from the Israeli Innovation Authority—the only blockchain technology company to achieve this.

Asaf Naim is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kirobo. He recently joined the News Podcast to talk about the platform, their Liquid Vault and Safe Transfer dapps and the KIRO token. He explained how you can stop being afraid of making big crypto transactions and his vision for making DeFi as simple and as safe as CeFi, as well as the possibilities for NFT-powered inheritance and trust funds, the state of the Israeli crypto startup ecosystem, what entrepreneurs need to look for with VCs and more.

Asaf Naim is an experienced accountant and veteran entrepreneur with a master’s degree in business taxation. Asaf has served at companies like Bank Leumi and Ernst & Young, as well as leading multiple startups in Israel and the United States. He’s passionate about blockchain technology and its applications for business.

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