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Bitcoin Halving To Bring The Subsequent Crypto Frenzy

According to Thailand’s largest digital asset exchange, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, will go through another significant run in 2024 when it goes through yet another halving. This means that Bitcoin will substantially increase during this period. As a result, we might see even higher levels than we’ve seen thus far. 

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The halving is a process that occurs every four years. During the procedure, new token creation slows down to 50%. Additionally, many people believe this leads to Bitcoin price gains.

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“The next halving is expected to bring about a “golden period” for Bitcoin in 2024-2025,” said Jirayut Srupsrisopa, CEO of Bitkub Capital Group. The golden period starts six months after the next halving when token creation cuts down by half.

However, digital tokens may suffer from a short period where the market is corrected and volatile as liquidity tightens. The result squeezes the fund inflows. Primarily by retail investors seeking safe-haven assets during these uncertain times, but it will not last forever.

“Institutional interest in the cryptocurrency market has caused it to change drastically,” said Jirayut, who also argued that this is because of a “big increase” with many institutions’ involvement. He cofounded Bitkub, valued at $1 billion last November, and works as its CEO for a Bangkok-based company.

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Bitcoin was on a tear last year, gaining thousands of dollars every few weeks until it hit almost $69K in November. However, things have been much more stagnant since then, with prices sitting just below where they were in November – around $38K or so at this writing. Some people say that the decline is due to less Federal Reserve stimulus prospectively, which benefited other assets during pandemic times. However, it may have had an effect now because everyone wants stability before investing heavily into anything again.

Bitcoin trying to break $40K support to fly high. Source:

Regulators worldwide have started to tighten their oversight of digital asset activity. One such example is Thailand, which plans on banning its citizens from using cryptocurrencies as payment for goods and services in an effortless move that may help boost tourism there.

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The country’s finance ministry has forbidden banks from dealing with cryptocurrencies. Also ordered them instead to avoid direct involvement. In addition, the government will start collecting taxes on profits from trading digital assets. The process will establish regulations for an emerging market.

In response to regulator authorities, Jirayut said;

“Regulators are trying to use the old framework to govern new invention. But, unfortunately, that doesn’t always work. Countries without the right policies would drive innovation away, push the opportunity away.”

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