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: Amazon and Visa reach fee-payment agreement

Visa and have settled a dispute over payment fees, and the credit card will now be accepted across all of the e-commerce giant’s websites and stores.

“Visa is pleased to have reached a broad, global agreement with Amazon. This agreement includes the acceptance of Visa at all Amazon stores and sites today, as well as a joint commitment to collaboration on new product and technology initiatives to ensure innovative payment experiences for our customers in the future,” the company said in an emailed statement on Thursday.

An Amazon representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Late last year. Amazon

announced it would no longer accept Visa

credit-cards issued in the U.K. starting in 2022 due to the “high cost of payments,” though Visa argued that its fees were competitive.

Amazon will also reportedly stop charging Visa users extra fees in Singapore and Australia.

Some analysts at the time said the move was possibly a negotiating tactic by Amazon, and could even push some consumers toward Mastercard

or American Express


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